LIFELINE Information for Health Care Professionals

Information for Health Care Professionals

CPHC Lifeline offers many benefits to your patients, their caregivers and can positively impact your care and hospital utilization.

Key Benefits of the Lifeline Service:

  • Reduces hospital admission rates (26%) and hospital length of stay (by 23%) for seniors
  • Reduces Emergency Department visits by 7%
  • Reduces Alternate Level Care (ALC) beds
  • Promotes independent living for your patients and peace of mind for health care providers and caregivers
  • Averts EMS interventions and Emergency room visits; saved 6000 EMS interventions across Canada in 2012
  • Early intervention for falls and medical emergencies help to prevent complications resulting from long lie times i.e. Pressure Ulcers, Aspiration Pneumonia, Hypothermia, Rhabdomyolysis

*Lifeline Systems, Personal Emergency Response Systems Achieve Positive Outcomes Study, 1993

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