LIFELINE How Lifeline Works?

How Lifeline Works?

Anyone can benefit from Lifeline, including people who live alone, people concerned about safety and security, those prone to falls or who have a fear of falling, people with ongoing medical conditions or disabilities, post-operative patients, ANYONE!

  • All you need is a private telephone line and a phone jack in your home
  • All of our buttons are completely waterproof - wear your button all of the time
  • 24-30 hour battery-up in the event of power failure as long as your phone line is working
  • Built-in speakerphone allows 2 way voice communication
  • RSVP allows you to answer your phone calls by pressing your Lifeline button so that you can talk on the phone from wherever you are. There is no need to rush to the phone. This feature is great for people with mobility issues
  • No hidden costs or "time sensitive" contracts; if you no longer need the Lifeline service, simply bring it back and cancel at any time

How the Lifeline Service Works