Centre of Excellence Capital Project

Walter Gretzky to kick-off fundraiser for CPHC Capital Campaign.
This event, to be hosted by Senator Bob Runciman, will be held in the common room at the boardwalk condominium at 11 Broad St. Brockville on June 3, 2013 from 5:30 to 7:30pm.
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World-renowned Heart Surgeon Dr. Wilbert Keon has been added to the guest list for the fundraiser.

Community & Primary Health Care Health & Wellness Centre of Excellence Ground Breaking Ceremony

                                                                               (August 2012)

Construction of the new CPHC Health & Wellness Centre of Excellence was launched today by community leaders who aim to raise $2.9 million in time for next summer's opening of the new CPHC headquarters.

Robert J. Bourgon & Associates was selected as the proponent for the construction of the Health & Wellness Centre. The company was established in 1976 by Dick Markell as a sister company to Robert J. Bourgon Construction Ltd., a leading residential development and construction company in Cornwall since the late 1960's.

Construction is expected to start immediately and run until next summer 2013 when the state-of-the-art health centre opens for service. The capital cost of the building is $9,597,010. The federal ($3,000,000) and provincial ($3,697,010) contributed a total of $6,697,010 leaving $2.9 million to be raised by the community.

At the ground-breaking ceremony, local radio personality Bruce Wylie was introduced as the Chair of the Campaign Volunteer Fundraising Team, along with his fellow volunteer fundraisers whose goal is to raise $2.9 million within the communities of Lanark, Leeds & Grenville.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by Gord Brown MP, Steve Clark MPP, Brockville Mayor David Henderson and over 100 other community leaders and volunteers from South Eastern Ontario.

Conceptual drawings of the Community & Primary Health Care Health & Wellness Centre of Excellence

                                                                 (June 2012)

Brand New Healing Environment to be Featured in the Health & Wellness Centre of Excellence

The brand new Health & Wellness Centre of Excellence is on schedule to open next summer 2013. The new headquarters for Community and Primary Health Care, also known as CPHC, will consolidate several community and primary health services and outreach programs into one new, state-of-the-art facility.

At the Community and Primary Health Care Annual General Meeting in June, Graham Bird of Ottawa-based GBA, the project management group overseeing the plan for the new headquarters, and John MacSween, lead architect from Parkin Architects in Toronto, unveiled to the Board of Directors, staff and community partners the conceptual drawings of the $9.5-million centre.

The Centre of Excellence, which will be located on the south side of Parkdale Avenue, just east of the Brockville Police Services building, will under one roof house all of the services currently offered at the organization's seven Brockville locations.

"Many residents in our region will require the support and services of this new centre," said Ruth Kitson, Community and Primary Health Care's Executive Director. 

“The federal and provincial governments believe this new centre will greatly alleviate the strain on several existing health and social support systems. The quality of life of those we serve will improve because of the enhanced care and support we will be able to provide,” she said.

The design of the new building emphasizes comfort, healing and tranquility. The centre will play a significant role in the delivery of comprehensive clinical services for the three counties and the new setting will enhance the experience of clients receiving health care.

Some of the modern architectural features include: an exterior of grey stone-grade materials with ample windows tinted in pale blue; an environmentally-sustainable white roof which will deflect the sun's rays and reduce the need for air conditioning; interior design that minimizes glare and stress for clients; fully accessible rooms and corridors for those with mobility, visual or hearing impairments.

Site preparation has been underway for several months. A former CP Rail building on the site was torn down in early July. Construction is set to begin in August after a winning bid is selected from six competing major construction firms.

The official sod-turning event will take place in August shortly after the contract is awarded.

This new centre represents Phase 1 while a respite care complex and apartments for seniors will be completed in Phase 2. The facility will physically link to the Health & Wellness Centre of Excellence to provide ease of access for patients, clients, volunteers and centre personnel.

How You Can Help With This Vital New Project for Our Community

The federal and provincial governments have provided a combined total of more than $6.7 million toward the project, with the remaining $2.9 million needed to come from community fundraising. Bruce Wylie, community leader and Brockville radio host, is leading the fundraising campaign beginning in the summer of 2012.

Please contact us at Community and Primary Health Care if you are able to assist in thie important project.

What are Community and Primary Health Services

Community and Primary Health Care services are in many ways the backbone of our society, and the measure by which we determine how well we look after one another. Integrating them under one roof means greater efficiency and one-stop care for our clients.

Community and Primary Health Care (CPHC) provides community services and programming considered vital to the residents of the tri-county area. They include an Alzheimer Outreach Program, Diabetic education, caregiver training and support, house calls for clients in need, a ‘Diners Club’ which provides nutritious meals in a social environment , friendly visits by our volunteers, home help and homemaking, home maintenance and repair, transportation, telephone call reassurance – and many more. 

Primary health care is often the first point of contact by a client in the health care system. The care at CPHC-CFHT (Community Family Health Team) includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness, a number of immunization and screening clinics, as well as the Mobile Primary Health Care Unit, which travels to specific communities the same day of each month offering primary health care to residents of all ages.

                                                                                    (May 2012)

Community and Primary Health Care (CPHC) & Community Partners are now building the Health and Wellness Centre of Excellence
The Centre of Excellence for residents of all ages.

Site excavation for the new CPHC Health and Wellness Centre of Excellence is well underway at the Parkedale Avenue location beside the Brockville Police Department.

The Centre will serve residents of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Counties, the City of Brockville and those visiting Brockville or willing to travel to Brockville. The facility is expected to be completed and operational by next summer.

“This is an exciting day to see the work begin on this new state-of-the-art health facility,” CPHC Executive Director Ruth Kitson said in a media release after shovels went into the ground on May 23. “This is great news for our region.”

The new facility will bring together all CPHC programs and services and the Community Family Health Team (CFHT) under one roof.

 “We are on schedule to begin construction in mid-July,” said Ms. Kitson.

The Centre will improve accessibility with ample parking. Barriers will be greatly reduced as construction will adhere to all codes in relation to disabilities. The project will bring Health, Community, Social and other complementary services together. Currently, local CPHC services are across seven (7) Brockville sites, making it difficult for residents to access in a timely manner. These seven (7) sites plus up to four (4) other community agencies will transfer to the new site. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in and continue to contribute to their community; enjoying optimal health and wellness, thus ensuring an enhanced quality of life.